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Ad #10153 1935 Ford Model 48 – $52,000

Vehicle Specifics

8 Cylinder
Ford Model 48
Four Door
Fuel Type:
Exterior Color:
Drive Type:

Vehicle Description

This vehicle resided in the American Automobile Museum (Antique Automobile Club of America) in Hershey, PA. from 1995 until 2007. During that last year it was purchased by a Texas business man for $55K who essential kept it in an airplane hanger in Addison Texas. He has passed and the car remains untouched as it has been for the passed 10 years. A serious dusting off is required. It won first place in a major auto show in the northeast many years ago. With the recent owner it has been well protected, and would likely received a very good point rating for condition today.
That sale from 10 years ago is the starting point for the price I am targeting at this time. It fairly indicates the number #1 condition of the vehicle. This starting price is supported by the auction sales of the last 5 years for this model 48 from the mid 1930s.
The existing records indicate the last full restoration likely took place in the early '90s. The title is clear, all the bills of sale from the original owner are accounted for in the history. Additional history is in the service as well as the insurance records. A few historical photos at the museum and of the original owner are available. This model is one of 6073 built by Ford in 1935. The vehicle is about to be prepared for auction this summer, likely a Barrett-Jackson or World Wide.
By appointment the car can be viewed and driven if one wishes to do so; call Mike Rabjohns for arrangements.
Note the Lift in one of the photographs. It is for sale and can be included in the negotiated price. Send me an email or give me a call if this is your kind of collectible.

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