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Ad #13153 1975 Ford Granada Ghia – $39,850.00

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8 Cylinder
Ford Granada Ghia
Two Door
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Vehicle Description

How would you like to own the only show quality Ford Granada Hotrod in America? Most of the American Ford Granada's are in the wrecking yards, or have already been recycled.

My wife and I bought our Granada when they first came out in 1975, the year we were married. Being a first-year model automatically makes it a classic. It was one of the very first Ford Granada Ghia's off the assembly line. It has gone through three engines: The first one from the factory was a 302 V-8. When that wore out, I installed a HP 351 Windsor that ran on both gas and propane with a flip of a switch under the dash. That was fun for many years, and it ran smoother on propane than it did on gas. Then earlier last year I finally decided to do something that no one else in America has ever done. Turn one of the most unlikely cars on the planet into a Hotrod.

At age 71 I was getting a little uncertain when riding my Honda Goldwing motorcycle, so I needed to either trade it in for a Goldwing Trike, which I like very much, or do something with the Granada to make up for it. I chose to trick out my Granada. I had the Pacific NW Hot Rod Specialist, Jim Green build me a brand-new Ford 408 Stroker engine with dual quads, and an aggressive cam. As you can see by the pictures, the engine also has a serpentine belt system, and two electric fans to replace the manual to ensure it doesn’t overheat. It also has a brand new air conditioner pump hooked up to the serpentine belt, but it's not connected to the rest of the system yet. The 408 Stroker engine is basically a 351 cubic inch Windsor block that has been bored and stroked out to 408 cubic inches.

The Granada Ghia’s interior came from the factory with leather seats, but looked very mom and pop to me, and were very boring! I wanted to install a later model black leather Mustang seat. I bought them but when I went to pick them up there was a gorgeous set of black leather 2015 Chrysler 300 Sport seats sitting right next to them. So, it was a no brainer, the Chrysler 300 seats were three times as nice as the Mustang, so I bought them instead for the front and rear.

The two front seats are both electric and bolted right into the Granada body with very little trouble but trying to adapt the rear Chrysler 300 seats into a Granada was a huge challenge. I must say that Sunmark Upholstery, a local shop did a fantastic job, the rear Chrysler seats now look like they were made for the Granada from the factory. They also installed new black trunk carpets. Most of the trunk that is not carpeted, has Rhino liner on it.

I also wanted to do something that got the car noticed at first glance. That meant doing away with all the molding on the side of the car, as well as the molding around the wheel wells, the chrome on the hood, and anywhere else to give it a much later model look. The only thing I wanted to keep was the look of the original factory vinyl roof, the one redeeming feature I really liked about the age of the car, so it's black, and brand new as well! The rear tires are very wide 295-50-15, and the front tires are 235-60-15. It took no extra body work to place such a wide tire under the rear fenders, they fit perfectly.

My first problem with the body was that the original Granada gas tank was offset to the left of the car, and wouldn't allow dual exhaust. So I replaced it with a Mustang tank that was centered in-between the duel exhaust pipes. Even though I kept the car in the garage nearly it's entire life, the two rear quarter panels did get a little rusty on the bottom, so I went on line to Green Sales and they still had two brand new factory quarter panels for a 1975 Ford Granada. If you're looking for old Ford parts, Green Sales is your best chance of finding brand new factory parts.

So in addition to replacing the two rear quarter panels, the entire car was sanded down to bare metal and properly painted with a three stage late model Ruby Red Ford color that comes on all the new Fords today. It actually looks more like candy apple red than anything else. I've gotten a couple of First Place trophies in car shows last summer, and I also seemed to get a lot more people stopping and looking at my Granada than many of the other classic cars in the shows. I think because it is so unique, and no one else has one.

I turned my Granada into a hotrod for a number of reasons. I have always liked the body style of the first year Ford Granada's. I don't like the later models at all, but the 1975 and 1976 two door models are perfect, just as long as they aren't four doors. If it had been a four door I would have sold it many years ago. It’s fun taking it to the car shows and hearing all the positive comments.

While sitting at a stop lights I often get thumbs up from the guys next to me. I also get a lot of not only guys, but women telling me how nice it is. So I achieved the first glance goal I mentioned above. One lady walked by the Granada with her small son and told me how nice it was and saw the license plate that reads 2 QUADS. She asked me if I really had two quads. I said “Of course, would you like to see the engine?” She was thinking that I had eight children, not two four barrel carburetors.

The Ford Granada's were not designed for the track, any more than the Plymouth Road Runner. However, the suspension system now has heavy duty front coil springs, as well as heavy duty shocks all around, and fairly new rubber bushings as well. The car had a 3.55 posi-traction rear end several months ago, but because it didn’t have disc brakes, I had Randy’s Ring & Pinion replace the entire axle and rear end. It now has a brand-new Ford 9 inch rear end with posi-traction and disc brakes.

I had no intention of racing it, even in a straight line, or on the quarter mile track. Just knowing that I could out run many cars in my class, is good enough for me. The rumble of the exhaust pipes says all that needs to be said.

Did I mention it has headers, and stainless steel Magnaflow exhaust mufflers? Not to mention the B&M Quick Silver floor shifter. 2. As of March 16, 2018 it has a brand-new rebuilt C-4 transmission that was built to match the change of engine power.

My latest upgrade is the new radio in the dash. I has a DVD player and I can even answer my cell phone on it. The radio can run off the battery in the engine compartment, or at car shows I can switch the power to a batter I have in the trunk, so not to be conserved about the engine battery going dead.

The new engine only has about 5,000 miles on it. I'm not interested in lowering the price. It’s a one only right now, and may stay that way for a long time. However, if you happen to have a great looking 1932 Ford Coupe Hotrod with fenders, I will consider it.

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