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Ad #7564 1971 Ford Hardtop Convertible Coupe – $11,000

Vehicle Specifics

8 Cylinder
Ford Hardtop Convertible Coupe
Two Door
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Vehicle Description


1971 Mustang ’302 Hardtop Convertible Coupe

Due to an unexpected illness; I have been forced to stop working right in the midst and final stages of this beautiful restoration. That is the reason the car is selling at such a discounted price. There is very little left to be done. .......The rest is easy.

This is a Southern California Car, brought here in the Pacific Northwest so, there is no dent's or rust! ....This car scream’s of 'extreme' ….'Coool!

A solid, reliable, 98 % restored and modified custom car in excellent mechanical condition…. with a Clean Clear Title that will pass a smog and safety tests.

Under the hood: ....'is a strong running, souped up ‘302 V-8, with a tricked out C-4 Automatic Tran's and a special Kick Down rod kit installed.... 'This engine breathes through a special Edelbrock Aluminum Performance Package that includes the Edelbrock 9605-S Four Barrel 750 CFM Carburettor, and a Accel Super-Stock 45,000 Volt Coil. ....and She has Power-Brakes, Power-Steering, Headman-Headers and a even a New Battery!
.....She is faster than a ‘bat out of Hell and …...'Prettier the Sunrise!

The Edelbrock/Carter 9605-S features:
* 750 CFM  * Dual Floats * Non-Emission
* Spring Loaded Needle & Seat Assemblies.
* GM-Universal Linkage Automatic Choke Kit.
* No Power Valve, No Sticky Gaskets, No Problems!

In addition, this hardtop convertible has ‘Zero miles on a complete and total front-end suspension restoration! The front end is completely all new, including upper and lower A-Arms, new Coil-Springs and even new Rubber-Coil-spring pads, new Wheel-Bearings, Wheel-Cylinders and Tie-Rods. Brand New brake’s all around and a new master-Cylinder, Rotors, Disks and wheel-cylinders as and a matching custom Power steering-Pump as well!

Now for the The Body Restoration: This beautiful Mustang has Zero miles on a fantastic thickly coated DuPont Chroma-Base Two-stage, Metallic-Pearl Midnight Blue Finished Pro- Paint Job!

The Doors, Trunk and Hood were removed for priming and painting. We have photos of the entire restoration to prove it!

You will find: All new Door, Window, Hood and Trunk Weather Stripping Rubber installed though out.

Only the finest Epoxy Primer was used through out…. She was completely decked and block sanded …'all you have to do is have it 'Color-sanded and polished for the first time ever!

The Interior Restoration: This is an Excellent interior. Light Blue Vinyl everywhere! The inner walls were completely Sound Proofed with thick custom Matt Soundproofing. The entire roof interior is also custom Soundproofed under the new Headliner and new Door Panels!

Many new parts have been installed: ….Including a new Trunk-Liner, New Dome-light, …New Dash-Pad, …New Radio-Antenna, …New Door-Panels. Too much to mention!

The Instrument Gage-Cluster and all the Interior Dash-Lights have been converted to beautiful Blue LED-Bulbs. To help bring back those all those fabulous Cruise Night Rides!

....We installed a Classic Pioneer KE1900, Super Tuner and Custom Pioneer Speakers to Top-Off ….'the interior of this luxurious ride for you!
...Almost 'Ready to enter in your local Car Show!

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